onsdag 27 maj 2009



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  1. Men åh så vackert, och så mysigt fin bild!

  2. Congratulations, Anne! I had no idea you were pregnant! Titus is just beautiful—and this photo is priceless. Love his little hanging cradle, too. : ) xoxo

  3. Cause your little one is so cute and you're one of my favourite food bloggers I had to check in here to see some more pics. WOW!! How fantastic - you carry your son in a pouch too (with excellent positioning) - I'm so pleased. If you don't already know about this site:


    please check it out if you are interested as it is a Norwegian forum for sling users which I'm sure would be very useful.

  4. Susan, thank you so much :)

    Alissa, thanks for that link!! There's a Swedish site as well - sjalbarn.se - but I haven't checked it out much yet. This is a tiny little pouch that I first got to carry the cats in actually! I have bigger slings that I'll practise with a little bit more, but this one is really cosy and is great for a "quick fix". :)